Tokyo Fixed Gear, Circle mirrors

shinjuku west exit

shinjuku west exit

shinjuku south exit

shinjuku south exit

Black Fixed gear Tokyo Station Marunouchi

Black Fixed gear Tokyo Station Marunouchi

monks and bikes, Shimofusanakayama, Chiba

monks and bikes, Shimofusanakayama, Chiba

chrome fixed gear at the Original Fake Shop. Aoyama, Tokyo

chrome fixed gear at the Original Fake Shop. Aoyama, Tokyo

Gios Fixed Gear

Gios Fixed Gear

cicle mirror reflection

circle mirror reflection

These circular concaved shaped mirrors are all over the place.  End of driveways, walkways, bridges, above the street and behind the street.  With such narrow roads, these mirrors are used to look around corners to look at blinds spots.  Its space aged technology.
Little ninjas concave the mirrors with their awesomeness.

Speeding towards a blind corner on my bike, I can look in the mirror to know that no cars are coming without losing speed.  Effective and efficient.

Other news:
Ate Sushi AGAIN last night.  I ate 16 plates!  Thats 32 pieces of Sushi, and I ate seaweed soup.  2300Yen or about 23$.
I ate at this place.  Kaiten sushi.  “回転寿司” Can you find the same characters on the sign.
It means that the sushi runs along the shop on a train track. how fun!
Amazing. Delicious.

Also: Tried to watch Narnia: Prince Caspian, but fell asleep mid-way.  Was it that boring?

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~ by gabuchan on November 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “Tokyo Fixed Gear, Circle mirrors”

  1. Hallo!!I’m Mika.I took your English class at the front last Saturday.
    I enjoyed it.Thank you.Second class was difficult for me though.

    Don’t your country has mirrors in road?
    I thought these stand every country…

  2. Mika,
    Thanks for your comment. I have never seen these mirrors in Canada. Thats why I am writing about them here!

  3. Why the photos of the fixed gear bikes? Just wondering as I didn’t see any commentary about it.

    There are fewer mirrors in North America because you can easily see around the corner at most intersections. Tokyo’s intersections, especially in local neighborhoods, are tiny and hard to see and drive around.

    That’s why the corners are cut off many houses’ walls, just so you can make the turn!

  4. Jason,
    Fixed gear bikes? Well I like em and think they are awesome! So got some photos taken around tokyo of them.
    I have noticed how narrow tokyo really is, so they need the mirrors!

  5. Cool shots!

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