November 14th, 2004

That is not a typo.  2 years ago. It was the day I didnt attend my graduation ceremony at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.  At the time I was in Oregon, USA.
This time I am in Tokyo. Where were you on November 14, 2004?
I welcome your comments on the layout of the blog.
Until next time,

間違えない。二年前。 その日にオタワ市のカールトン大学の卒業式に行けなかった。 その時にアメリカのオレゴン州にいました。今回東京にいるところです。2004年11月14日あなたは何処にいった?


~ by frischfarms on November 14, 2006.

3 Responses to “November 14th, 2004”

  1. Well On Nov 14th 2004 I WAS at my Carleton University graduation wishing my best friend was there so we could celebrate together but he decided to leave me and go to Portland instead LOL.

  2. Hm, I started massage school in Nov of 2004. I was taking the MAX train home from school one day when some random stranger asked me to use my cell phone. He even offered me a dollar for the call. I politely declined. His smile caught my eye. Some more friendly exchanges later and I found myself driving this totally stranger to his interview at Nike. Funny where life takes you sometimes… 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing!

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