Thumbs up

On the ginza line train after work at 620pm. A junior high school student keeps trying to show me that she is studying English as she is flashing her english papers about her seat.  I gave her a thumbs up and a good luck as I parted the train. I am headed to meet with my boss to have dinner.

I arrive in Ginza at the Sony building and see a bunch of Japanese salary men playing on the new Sony Playstation 3 that was just released in Japan on Nov 11.  Im getting my camera out to take pictures, but then see my company president right at the door, but he is not alone.  He is with a women in a sultry black dress and two young ladies dressed in Kimono.  They are his companions.  Im liking how the evening is starting.  Oh, another co-worker was with us, so it makes the group 6.  We head to a nice italian place for pizza, pasta, wine and dessert.

Oh course the president is making jokes amusing the girls.  Im enjoying my free meal and learning Japanese.
Next I know I am arriving at a place where more girls are in kimono and several Japanese James Bond looking salary men in Ginza.

Chat it up and amuse is what their job is at this place.  I learned that you just gotta let the guy talk on, after all he is my boss and I should pretend that I am interested.  He claims to the girls that he can read on you face whether you had just had sex or not.  He is a ladies man, maybe he was, but not sure, maybe that is lost in translation.
We all exchange business cards and i receive a loaf of bread from the club as the got it from a famous bakery in Ginza.  I depart with a bow and of course, thumbs up.

Till next time.


~ by frischfarms on November 15, 2006.

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