Move to Sasazuka


Since September 2006 I had been living with The Tokunaga Family in Tsutsujigaoka (say that 3 times fast!) which is in Chofu area in western Tokyo.  They had been putting me up in their house in basically any place I could manage to set up a small blanket to sleep on.  The Tokunaga Family consists of 8 brothers and sisters and they hail from Amami set of islands which is part of Kagoshima Prefecture in southern Japan. Miyuki, Junko, Yuki and Ken had provided me with a lot of fun laughs and good times explaining the hundreds of questions that I had posed for them about Japanese.  They usually provided food for me as well.  I will miss them but we decided to meet up once a month to catch up and have good laughs and multilingual jokes. Thanks!

Since I am no longer in Tsutsujigaoka, where am I living?  Well, only 15 mins away by train!  I have moved to Sasazuka.  The station is 5 mins west of Shinjuku Station on the Keio train line. 

I have to keep this post short as I am very busy getting into my new house and am also researching into buying a used computer from the computer Electric Town of Akihabara, Tokyo.  More on that later.  For now, I am going to return some water filters that didnt fit the new water cannister in my new house to Don-kihote.  Also more on that later.  I hope to make write ups on those topics as I get my computer and will be able to upload pictures to go along with the stories.

From Tsutsujigaoka to Sasazuka.



~ by frischfarms on December 6, 2006.

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