Dec7, 2k6

Busy night. 7act teaching trial lesson at 7pm. If the student likes me, we meet again and its 3000Yen/hour for the lesson. After the brief 30 minute lesson a dash to the New Keio line at Shinjuku station to make it to the Shinjuku Sports Centre at Hatagaya station in time for basketball on Thursdays at 6-9pm.
I kept missing my layups in the game, but it was fine. I wore Air Jordan XIX in the black/red colourway.

After basketball in Hatagaya (which is only one stop away from Sasazuka, where I live) I went to authentic Indian Curry rice. 660Yen gets you Nan bread, a side of rice, small salad and chicken curry and not to mention authentic Indian Bollywood movies and video clips. I got the hottest spice that was on the menu. HOT. Its good to sweat.

I needed socks. I went to the Don-Kihote near my house. 5 pairs for 700Yen. This shop is going to get its own write up once I get my photos up and running. As I mentioned I am planning to get a computer this week in Akihabara.

The people at Subway miss me. I haven’t been there recently. That is another write up due with pictures: My Subway life.
I welcome all comments and suggestions to the site. I want to hear from you!
Stay tuned.


~ by frischfarms on December 7, 2006.

2 Responses to “Dec7, 2k6”

  1. what is 7act mean?
    What is Don-Kihote? A chain store?
    Sounds like you are eating for cheap. What does your house have in it? Mom

  2. Judy – 7act is a private English school. Click the Link in the post for more info.
    Don-kihote is a chain store. It has everything! More on that later.
    My house has everything that you would expect to have in a furnished house.

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