Subway- the edible kind

Updated:  December 24, 2006

I have included a picture of Masaki (the Subway King) and his profile, and his custom sandwich for yours truly.
Masaki 1Masaki 2Masaki made Sub
Note:  This information was provided to me with permission from Subway.

Name: Masaki Tanabe
Age: 22
Hometown: Fukuoka, Kyuushu, Japan
Hobbies:  Playing guitar and singing music.  He also enjoys writing English lyrics.
Sub speciality:  Bacon and Sausage Parmesan Sub.  
Please visit him at the Yotsuya Station, Subway restaurant! 

As promised here is my write up about Subway.

 Im not the Subway guy. But Nanako and Masaki at the Yotsuya Subway Restaurant may believe I always go to Subway for an endorsement deal.  Not true.  I go mainly because of the routine.  I like it.  I have one hour for lunch and instead of the millions of choices of excellent Japanese food, I always just head to Subway.  Keeps my mind clear.

This is my post about my subway journeys each day (at least when I am not busy at lunch).

 Nothing much to say except for what I want:

Bread: Wheat
Toasted?  Yes.
Lettuce:  Yes.
Green Peppers: Yes
Onions:  Yes, but sparingly.
Tomatoes: 5
Pickles: 6
Olives: As many as legally allowed to put in the Sub.
Sauce:  Take the staff recommended sauce.
Salt and Pepper:  Yes.
Beverage: Orange Juice.
French Fries with BBQ, Basil or Cheese topping depending on the Sub I order.
Napkins:  2
Do you own a Subway Card: Yes.
Receipt: Not needed.

Here are some of my Subs:

pa0_0080.JPGTurkey Pastramipa0_0043.JPGpa0_0306.JPGpa0_0220.JPG


~ by frischfarms on December 14, 2006.

5 Responses to “Subway- the edible kind”

  1. The sandwiches look awesome! I want one right now. I also like lots of black olives, tomatoes, red onions and a great sauce over it all. It is a great healthy lunch for sure.

  2. yo gabe,i’ve JUST started to look at your blog- wasnt sure how it worked before hehehe. But the sandwiches look AMAZING, I remember how good they were when we stopped in Osaka to have one. I had the Tuna- delicious.
    Love your description of the guy and your sandwiches. Hilarious as usual. Keep it up.

  3. I will be sure to mention to the Subway King that you enjoy salivating over the pictures of his subs.

  4. wow do they sell fries also? i never been subway in japan. i should go man.

  5. Funkymonk,
    Yes, they also sell fries in Japan. Delicious!

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