Akihabara and back

I am typing on my new laptop that I purchased just prior to Christmas in Akihabara. It was my own gift to myself for the holidays. Then just after the holidays, I contracted (well my computer did) a virus. I attempted to try a lot of new ways to fix it on my own, but with no success. I was then left with the option of taking my computer in for servicing at the Sofmap in Akihabara. They managed to fix my computer and I am happy as a fisherman catching a big Tuna and selling in Tsukiji Fish Market for $30,000. Seriously, that is what you can get for one fish!
今の日記は新しいノットパソコンで記入します。このパソコンはクリスマス前に買ったものです。 自分にクリスマスプレゼントです。 年末休みの後にウイリスを受けられた! 自分でいろいろな治し方を挑戦したんだけど、失敗しました。っていうことで、秋葉原のSofmapにパソコンを持っていきました。彼たちにパソコンを治してくれた!超ウレシイ!

Here are some pics of my visit to Akihabara:
Akihabara - outside the station
This is the main area just outside the station.

There were some maids just outside the station that were giving an announcement on some new dvds that were being released.


~ by frischfarms on January 14, 2007.

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  1. hello im a from mexico mi name is alfred years 26 i love japan y akihabara fan de saint seiya anime in general
    one piece bleach y naruto evangelion i love japan y mexico ok.

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