Back in Ottawa?

Well at least it felt like that at the time. It was a reunion of nearly all the international students that were studying in Ottawa at the time of my sparked interest in Japanese and Japan, thanks to Shuntaro (see below for picture). Everyone that attended had moved on to their own thing, but the one thing we all had in common was Ottawa was close to our hearts. They shared a connection of learning english and being submerged in the society, whereas I grew up there and now am living so far away. Either way, the nostalgic, touchy-feely stuff was felt.
We all met and had food at Asian Kitchen (not simply an asian in a kitchen cooking food, although the chef was Japanese, but the name of the place was called just that) in Shinjuku (and then proceeded to sing our hearts out at Karaoke. For all you readers, Kara means empty in Japanese and Oke is short for “Okesutra” which is Japanese for orchestra. Try to imagine a concert without an orchestra. Indeed, it would be just you and the microphone all embarrased on the stage singing accapella as if you are trying out for American Idol.

Below are some pics from the empty orchestra:

Left to right: Ryuta (now designs calendars), Taka (working at a marketing research firm) and Eigo (working Nagoya as a freelance designer/artist)
Check out Eigo’s site here.

The whole gang: back from left to right: Shuntaro, Miho, Yoshi, Eigo, Yasu, Iris, Ryuta, Taka. Front L-R: Yoshi, Isamu.

Gabriel and Shuntaro enjoying the ride home.

It felt as if I was back in my hometown with all the memories of not understanding a word that was said when all the Japanese people starting talking. This time, however, I could understand most of it. I’ve grown and learned a lot since I first got on the plane to Japan with Shuntaro on May 18th, 2003.

Now, when will I really be back in Ottawa? Anyone buying my ticket?


P.S. This gathering of minds happened on December 29th, 2006


~ by frischfarms on January 17, 2007.

5 Responses to “Back in Ottawa?”

  1. Hi Gabe, Cool pics and story. Are you sure it was May 18th? It was early in May that you left, think it was more like May 6 or 8, 2003. Anyway so long ago but you are still in Japan having an exciting time. LvMom

  2. I am glad you liked the story.
    I am sure that I left on May 18th. I returned to Canada on August 23rd, 2003. I was there in Japan just over 90 days.

  3. yo i miss u bro i enjoyed that time man

  4. FunkyMonk,

    I think everyone had an awesome time! Can’t wait to meet up with everyone again!

  5. That was the superb moment for everyone at that night. Although some of us didn’t stay for the next morning, but it was fun!!That was actually my first time to hang around at karaoke for that long.
    After all, I still can’t believe that we made the arrangment to meet most of us in Tokyo.

    That was one of the great time I never had!!!

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