Akihabara for Foreigners:

I randomly went to Akihabara 2 weeks ago to get my laptop fixed. I ran into a guy in the elevator of the SofMap and he kept talking about these Maid Cafe’s that everyone who is in Japan has heard about.

So he takes me to the Maid cafe called Little PSX, but then leaves me there as he suddenly says he can’t afford the 800Yen/per hour charge. What?! Anyway, I am not leaving and I wanna check this place out cause they were already calling me “master”. Mind you, it is all you can drink, all you can eat Umai-Bo, unlimited gummi bears, and they have a Nintendo Wii, and PS3, so 800 yen is not bad (about 8$ Canadian). I immediately went to try out the Wii as I was told it is the game for non-gamers. (I loved games until I starting playing real games like basketball in High school). Behind the chair in front of the 36″ wide screen with the Wii was a guy playing tennis by himself. I bowed politely and asked if he would mind showing me how to play. Well, we played for a while and he seems to be a obsessed regular of the Little PSX maid cafe. He knows the names of all the staff and they even “steal” his glasses and the girls wear them around the cafe. His handle name/nick-name is Yotsuba which translates as four-leaf clover.
We had a fun time playing and planned to meet the following week at 4pm as well.
For all you readers, we are meeting again this week and would welcome anyone to join us to play Wii at Little PSX on Saturday at 4pm.
So the following Saturday (this time January 20th) I head to Akiba (short for Akihabara) and get stopped in my tracks in front of the station by a TV crew. They started talking to me and asking me questions about Akiba subculture and such. I am far from a Manga (Japanese comics) fan but do find it interesting for some people to completely devote themselves to one signal hobby. In Japanese, it is Otaku. Fascinating for marketings and cultural buffs as this word and subculture has been around at least since 2000.
So thanks to JapanProbe the news clip is posted online. Also Kotaku has it up on their site. Both good sites if you are interested in all Japan related news and gaming, respectively.
So you can watch the video of me on Japanese Tv here.
In the video they ask me a question and just the prior week, I had learned the Japanese “Moe” from my friend Yotsuba.
Thanks Yotsuba!
Here is a picture of me and Yotsuba before heading in to play Wii at Little PSX.
Yotsuba & Gab

See you on Saturday!
The french would answer “Oui, Oui, Oui!!” I obviously will reply “Wii, Wii, Wii.”

If anyone knows how to get a Wii quickly without waiting forever on a reservation list at a store, then please let me know.



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