Tokyo is busy

So am I.
Learning takes a lot of time. Writing about it takes even more time.
Some highlights of the last two weeks:

-got a free mp3 player.
-got business cards made as I am a “contributing editor” for a Tokyo magazine.
-wrote “I want to learn Japanese, want to have a coffee?” on a hand made sign and stood in Shinjuku. It lasted 10 minutes, but ended up in Shibuya and clubbing all night.
-went to a horse racing gambling hall.
-went to Asakusa
-went to Superdeluxe and a design event there.
-participated in the”free hugs” for a couple hours in Shinjuku.
-went to karaoke and practiced speed reading Japanese rap

I want to start a photo contest called “10 minutes at a time”. The basic idea would be to take photos every 10 minutes and display them.

Another idea I wanted to start is play city wide tag on the train lines. The train system is very efficient and this would be fun.Β  Again that takes time.

Any questions about the photos, then just leave a comment.



~ by frischfarms on February 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “Tokyo is busy”

  1. Love the hat on you! It looks really good! All the pics are NUTS….whats with the horse head??? That intersection reminds me of when we were in Osaka during Golden week! That watch is weird….but Im sure it’s the IN thing there πŸ™‚ hahaha Hope you’re having a good day! miss you lots!

  2. Good to get an update on your life in Tokyo. Interesting pics for sure. Samantha’s gift hat looks like it was designed just for you Gabe. Who is the guy in the suit eating noodles – a coworker? What’s with all the red balloons in the net? For Valentine’s Day? You look happy and healthy. Where is the 5 storey Pagoda in Tokyo. Clever ideas for fun. Love and miss you lots.

  3. Samantha:
    The watch is inspired by a friend I met through Eigo in Nagoya over summer 2006. He bought a cheap watch and then decorated it on his own. I bought a snoopy watch for 100yen at a Salvation army that I found by mistake in early february, then bought beads in Shinjuku and decorated it at a maid cafe in Akihabara.
    The intersection is in fact part of Harajuku and Omotesando Hills. The horse head is a mask my roommate Fashion Hayley has. Check the link on my main blog page for more info about her.

    The guy eating noodles is Mr. Matsushima, a co-worker. The red balloons you see were part of a campaign for the weekend of February 3-4th at LaForet in Harajuku. The five storied Pagoda (gojyuu no tou) is in Asakusa at Sensoji temple. You can see it here:

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