100 Yen a day

This is the price to have your bike put in a parking garage by the station. In the mornings and evenings a man is there ready to take your money and give you a yellow ribbon to attach to your bike designating you have paid and are authorized to park there.
Japan is 75% inhabitable and thus space comes at a premium, even parking your bike.
Introducing the very efficient system of parking your bike on top of another bike!
Let the pictures explain.
First here is my bike:

Now at the parking garage, this is the bike in the upright position (the yellow tag on my handle bars signifies that I have paid):

And here is the bike in the loading/unloading position. Yes, you physically have to pick the bike up and put in on the rack which slides up just like a tray into a cafeteria counter. Again, you can see the yellow “paid” tag.

The whole process is very obvious and if you have any questions, then just ask them to the guy at the front, make sure you brush up on your Japanese skills before hand.
I had him at “hello”.

The 100 yen a day can stretch to 100 for 3 days if you go and pick your bike up really late when no attendant is there. But you didnt hear it from me. I was honest one day and gave him an extra 100 yen for my 2 day parking fee.
Now if I can only learn to live on 100 yen a day…


~ by frischfarms on February 23, 2007.

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