Where are you going?

You ought to be going somewhere.
Work, home, but for some people in Tokyo and other busy urban centers around the world, the two may be the same thing. Work is home and home is work. Here is a picture taken on the Marunouchi line at Yotsuya Station in Tokyo.

The following is a picture of a cat but if you look closely in the lower portion of the photograph, you can see water bottles filled with water. What is that about? Did someone go for a run and leave water ready to be drank? Nope. It is common in Japan to see these jugs around store entrances and driveways and places where people don’t want cats to hang around. I read online as for the reason for these water bottles and it has been concluded that when the cats look in the water bottles that they see disfigured items, refractions of light and it hurts their eyes tremendously. I don’t know how this tidbit came about, but it seems here that the cat is playing it safe being way above the light of sight of the bottles.

This is a Japanese licence plate. The marking in Kanji says “Hachijoji” which is western Tokyo. 200 is a sub-number while 9 88 is the actuall licence plate number. I have been told that the smaller the number the higher the status of the car owner. Being with friends, they would say “wow, that car has a 1 in the licence plate…oooh” as if suggesting they are a person of importance.

Below, a shot of my study notes in Japanese. I tend to take a lot of notes everyday riding the train, watching signboards, listening to tv or announcements, reading product labels and the newspaper to name a few. I find it is the best way to improve my Japanese as I can always refer to my little handbook that is always in my note bag.

The ad copy translates as: “Although it is not a habit, it can become one” and uses the boy band called Kinki Kids as the two models chugging down on the “16 types of tea, tea”. I really like this ad as the use of brown and blue sky. Simple copy as well. This ad also has a tv version of the Kinki kids drinking tea. Most tv ads in Japan are only 15 seconds.

So do you know where you are going?
At the time of this post, I was listening to a song by that title, so it seemed appropriate to write it that way.
I know where I am going now!

To bed.


~ by frischfarms on February 23, 2007.

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