Random – “very” version

The title of this post is an example of “Japanized English”
Some other examples that come to mind:
“big money” (expensive)
“small money” (inexpensive, cheap)
“new shirt, get!” (I got/bought a new shirt)
“Sahn kyuu berry mahchee” (Thank you very much)
“ai rai-ku doh-rin-keen-goo”  (I like drinking)

Although that was “very” random, the real “very” this post:

Eli and ajmal
Eli and Ajmal hit up Tokyo!
They are already proficient in business Japanese, very!
If you don’t know Eli and Ajmal, then just ask!

Some comments on very:
Very is sometimes good and its sometimes bad, very can vary.
Very can be simply very or it can be very very “very”
After writing this post, I am reading very as sounding like vee-rai.
Do you like very?



~ by frischfarms on March 2, 2007.

One Response to “Random – “very” version”

  1. Thats awesome Eli was there to visit. When did he arrive, how long there, was he astounded like we were after arriving. Must have been great after last seeing him in Ft. Laud. Wow. I wish him well. Tell him i said hello as a fellow Torontonian. enjoy your time with your friends. Lv u

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