Top 10 Photos taken in Japan

According to a street survey conducted by TBS (Tokyo housou, Channel 6) the top 10 photos that foreign tourists are taking in Tokyo are:

10. Tsukiji Fish Market and giant maguro (tuna)
9. Kimono (either people wearing them, or in store displays)
8. Japanese street signs (includes funny english signs too)
7. Mt. Fuji (if you can see it on any given day)
6. Vending machines (for the colourful lights and crazy drinks!)
5. Narita Airport (wow, so exciting, an airport!)
4. Shibuya Crossing (This is the epicentre of the city)
3. Asahi Beer Headquarters in Asakusa (it has a giant looking pile of $%!# on top!)
2. Tokyo Imperial Palace (I have lived in Tokyo now for 6 months, haven’t taken 1 photo of this place)
And the winner is….

1. Kaminari-mon (Thunder gate in Asakusa)

Pretty interesting list, for Tokyo. Try living in Okayama for a year. Numbers 1 and 3 are within 150 metres of each other in Asakusa so you can get 20% of it done in one train stop. Nice.
The survey was administered by asking 100 tourists in and around the Tokyo area in the past 2 weeks. The report was on air around 4:55pm Japan local time, March 9th.

What are you taking photos of?Β  I’d like to hear what you think of the list.



~ by frischfarms on March 9, 2007.

6 Responses to “Top 10 Photos taken in Japan”

  1. Hey gabe,
    well considering I wasn’t able to go to Tokyo, I managed to get snapshots of: 9, 8, 6, 5( kansai), and 3( only the cans lol). Thats pretty good for Osaka!
    In Ottawa, there isn’t much to take shot of….but I did take some while boarding at Mont Ste. Marie (go to my facebook you’ll see them)!

  2. Actually, I call the thing atop the Asashi building “the giant golden sperm”. My photos? Sumo, sumo, sumo.

  3. […] spotted this report of a survey on the top 10 photo locations in Japan (or did they mean Tokyo only?) as chosen by 100 tourists randomly stopped in the Tokyo […]

  4. Narita Airport is not even near Tokyo!

  5. ? I know Narita is not even near Tokyo, but it was on the list!

  6. Do you mind if I quoted this blog entry on our site for a future post? Found this through Japan Probe. Thanks! πŸ™‚

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