Visit to Tochigi

Here is my overdue blog entry about my visit to Tochigi Prefecture and my friend’s parents place over the Feb 24th weekend.

It is usually a 1.5 hour train ride up north to the small city of Hanyu in Saitama prefecture. There are several connecting train lines that travel towards Saitama. I live closer to Shinjuku and thus am taking a line from there through Akabane.
I went to Shinjuku to purchase the obligatory omiyage or souvenir for them. I bought rice mochi with custard inside.
They were happy about that.
They usually have a lot to talk about and it is really enjoyable and quite the experience to listen to what they have to say about the world, kidnappings by Korea, World War II, George Bush, their dog jack, and of course their son (the reason I am in Japan today) Shuntaro Honzawa whom is studying in Ottawa, Canada.
Usually the evening is filled with great food and me and Mr. Honzawa chatting it up over beer and hot sake. Oh, and this is all after I take a bath prior to dinner to relax my sore salaryman muscles.
So on the Sunday of that weekend, they asked if I wanted to eat Ramen or Soba. I chose Soba and that means a trip to their favourite spot in 1.5 hours away in Tochigi prefecture. Awesome. A peaceful visit to the temple there and some pictures for you.

Here is the restaurant that we ate soba at:
Gabriel Pliska and Mr. Honzawa:

The rest of the photos from left to right: a bathroom, view from the car of the mountains approaching Tochigi,tofu.
070225_13240001.jpg 070225_12540001.jpg070225_13360001.jpg


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9 Responses to “Visit to Tochigi”

  1. hahaha i like those pic, and i miss the tofu.

  2. Hm, this is just curiosity… but why do they make the “V” gesture for pictures? I’ve noticed you doing that in a few of the pics and I was just curious if there was a particular meaning to it. Blog is great, keep up the great work!

  3. Amy G,
    In Japan the peace sign in photos is about as common as rice and miso soup. The peace sign means “peace sign” I think it started when the Beatles came to Japan. Just google about “purikura”.

  4. Miss the mtns and temples a great deal. S’s parents look like a very nice couple. Cherry blossoms look beautiful. It’s been about a year since booking our tickets last yr to see you. Where has time flown to?

  5. Judy,
    Those in fact are not cherry blossoms, but rather plum blossoms. Cherry blossoms will be coming this week in Tokyo and in some places are already blooming.
    Yes, time does has gone by quickly since last year.

  6. Hi, I used to teach English to Shuntaro in Saitama before he made his way to Canada. I need to contact him. Do you have an email address?

  7. Hi Tami, you can contact me at pliska1 (at mark)
    Thanks for the contact.

  8. Hi ! Can’t find any pics of Shuntaro here… He always tells me he’s famous but the only famous people here are his parents ! ^__^
    Anyway nice blog Gabuchan !

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