McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burgerking are all very popular fast-food stops for busy people in many countries around the world.  Yoshinoya is a style of Japanese fast-food.  “Beef bowl, regular” is what they yell out after you order this.  These restarants all have bar stools and are usually very narrow and very crowded at lunch time, like this.

The atmosphere in the restaurant (if you could call it that) is similar to an auction as the employees taking orders continually yell out all sorts of sayings to: reconfirm the order, open the cash, say “welcome”, “thank you”…. they are always yelling something or another. It is tough to eat in peace (randomly googled images for “eat in peace” and found this “eat and peace picture).  I was on the phone with Graham Goodwin when I was in Yoshinoya and he said the background of the restaurant sounds like a “chinese traffic jam with everyone yelling at each other.”  Yup, that is a pretty good description, except they are speaking Japanese.

I am hungry. I have 34 mins left for lunch.  It is a beautiful day here in Tokyo, so I wanna walk around and see if the Cherry blossoms are blooming.  I don’t have time to eat a real meal. Yoshinoya go!!



~ by frischfarms on March 26, 2007.

7 Responses to “Yoshinoya”

  1. Hey I like how I was chatting with you on msn while you posted this. 🙂 The ‘restaurant’ looks crazy similar to the little place you me and mom went to the night we got into Osaka…remember that place? It was when you ordered me chicken and I wanted no chicken, and you felt stupid cause you mid read the symbol:o But it was awesome cause thats where you first made me speak Japanese and said I sounded good! 😀 good memories! But ya, those bowl are GOOD from what I remember.
    Love you lots!

  2. miss read the symbol:( ** correction!

  3. Yoshimoya is also franchised in Hong Kong – but they are more roomy and have a ‘upmarket’ look to the place. Been to both stores, I had barely had the change to finish my rice bowl in Tokyo!

  4. Hey, have you notice that there are no female customers dine-in? I only saw men’s head down eating quietly when I passed by everytime at Nagoya.

  5. Ai,
    Thanks for your comment!
    I never see any women when I go there either. It is always men expecially at lunch.

  6. Tony Sui,
    I didnt know that Yoshinoya is franchised in HongKong. The Tokyo Yoshinoya’s are always busy during dining time. Don’t feel guilty taking your time…I do it!

  7. […] Beef bowl テラ豚丼 is about some news in Japan. Some guy working at Yoshinoya was playing at work (late at night maybe) and decided to put 7 times the normal amount of beef/pork […]

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