Sakura, 桜、サクラ

Cherry blossom season usually starts in early spring in the first week of April.  This year, however, given the warmer weather (in-fact record warmth) the Sakura have begun to bloom on March 29th.  As of March 30th the Japanese media has been reporting that more than 80% of the Sakura are in bloom.
It is a wonderful time of year in Japan. School begins, the fiscal year starts again, in Japan the Sakura season truly marks a new beginning. This will be my 2nd year in Japan during Sakura season.  I love it.  You would love it too.  Everyone sits under the trees on big blue tarps and drinks, eats and laughs like this. I have asked my Japanese friends why this tradition has continued since, well, forever, they tend to give various reasons. “Sakura remind us of the importance of live and death, as the sakura bloom for only a very short time” one of my friends had told me.  “Japanese people love parties and it’s another excuse to have a drink and it is special especially under the beautiful sakura” another friend mentioned. As for me, I think that Sakura season is very relaxing and I have already done this.
Two years ago, NIKE released a limited edition Air Force one designed after the Sakura in Ueno Park. You can see the shoes here
As you can see on the site, the price is 128,000Yen which is about 1,000USD$ Wow.  The shoes ARE hot though and sold out – 売り切れ。 Sakura season is the best time of year to get out, enjoy the spring breeze and ponder life under the trees.
桜の季節は来た!! 木曜日の夜に同僚とちょっと花見した。木の下でくつろぐとい
いでしょう!あなたは、まだ、花見してない? 昨日のニュースレポートによると、


~ by frischfarms on April 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Sakura, 桜、サクラ”

  1. Sakura time is similar to the tulips blooming all over Ottawa or the lilacs blooming in Portland, when everyone comes out after a long hard cold winter. Beautiful time of year I agree. Like anything is possible time. Someday I might be able to be there and enjoy it too with you perhaps.

    By the way (It’s “life and death” and niece is spelled like this. Just keeping you on your toes Gabe. HaHa

  2. hahah mom I knew you would start correcting him! I want to be there for the Cherry Blossoms too! They sound so beautiful!

  3. Judy:
    Thanks for the comment. Sakura is gorgeous. Thanks for the corrections.

    Samantha: You are welcome to join me next year!

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