Sake formally: (I saw him!)

I made a nice post, it got erased, now I am drinking sake.

The post was a neat perspective on my name being yelled in a lobby by someone that I had met.  I got off an elevator and my name was heard.  That was the fun post and it was called “I saw him”.

Since I am talking about sake.  I went to a sake event in early march and took lots of photos.  I will show them here. Awamori Oshima is an island in Okinawa.  The sake event was for the sake that is made in the region of Japan. ca330011.jpg

This is all the prize sake lined up.
Do you like sake?
I think it is best mixed with hot water.


~ by frischfarms on April 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “Sake formally: (I saw him!)”

  1. I have yet to open that bottle of Sake you gave me when I was leaving Japan! The ’round’ bottle in the pic with a purple cloth over the rim looks like the one you gave me a bit. I’m a little scared about the taste- Ive heard its either crazy bitter or just nasty… maybe they just had bad Sake. What does it taste like? I want to open it for easter maybe??
    ps its been nice chatting on msn every once in a while during the week! keep coming online! 🙂

  2. Samantha:
    Sake is just alcohol brewed from rice. You can try it out, but don’t be scared of all things. Try having a nice small cup of sake mixed with OJ. It is tasty!

  3. I haven’t opened my sake bottle either you gave me in Ibara. But nice tip to mix it with oj. I remember having some sake at the Ibara after-Sports Day party with all the teachers. Not bad.

  4. Judy,
    I also recommend mixing it with hot water in 1/4 ratio. It goes down smooth.

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