1Love – NikeAirForce1

2007 marks the 25th anniversary of the iconic sneaker invented by Bruce Kilgore in 1982. In the backstreets of Harajuku, a new shop opened in January called “1 Love” and is a shop strickly limited to selling the Nike AirForce1. The shop is opened to commemorate the 25th year of the shoe. Believe it or not it has not spent a single dollar on advertising for this shoe in over 20 years, but it is the greatest selling athletic shoe (or any type of shoe) of all time.
Being a fond sneakerhead myself, I had to go and search this place out. I don’t often go to Harajuku, but when I do I make sure that I have a couple of hours to look around and take in as much of the influences that the place offers as I can. There are some really interesting buildings including this one.
I went inside the design festa building and took this pic of some art on display there.
You can see some pics of the 1 love store here, here, and here.
I recently also watched the film Just for Kicks. I wrote a movie review and it will appear in EL Magazine later this month. I will keep you posted on that.



~ by frischfarms on April 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “1Love – NikeAirForce1”

  1. GP – Published author, love it

  2. I also would like to buy a pair of running shoes.

  3. Well, not published yet. But will keep you updated.
    Shoes are fun, yes!

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