Hard to see

It is hard to see but this is me after work.

Actually: It is from a poster in Shinjuku station about a play show called “blood wedding.” I didn’t bother to read the full details of the poster, as I was more interested in the picture. Interestingly, I think this is how every Japanese business man must feel after a long day after work 苦しい kurushii is the word. The bad part is that this gentleman seems rather young and perhaps is a newbie 入社員 and he doesnt realize that he has years and years of work-with-no-overtime-pay ahead of him. Good luck broski.

It is easy to see, but this is me after winning a jumbo chocolate bar at the UFO catcher game.
chocolate bar

Life should be one big jumbo chocolate bar. Just keep it cool on a hot summer day and it will be alright. Life is sweet all year round.
Look at this to see an expert work the UFO catcher games. After watching that, you are a sure winner!

I found this interesting link about avatars following you around different websites. A new way to communicate with others with surfing the net, similar to secondlife, but not the same.

The name of this entry is called hard to see because I think I may be slightly losing my perfect vision and may need glasses within a year if I continue to use my eyes (always on the computer screen) the way I am doing now. Hard to see the future too.

On a lighter note: Sakura season is nearly over in the Kanto region (Tokyo area) and I will share with you another shot of the cherry blossoms. I read that the Japanese take more than 5000 photos of the sakura in their lifetimes. I have a lot of photos to take.



~ by frischfarms on April 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “Hard to see”

  1. The arcade video of the housewife is so cool! I bet those UFO catchers are very addictive. How much do they cost to play just once? How many chances/minutes per game? How long did it take you to get that huge chocolate bar? I want some! HaHa! I can see you certainly got your Easter bunny chocolate in giant size this year! Lv and missu

  2. Yo gabu those things are SO addictive! I remember playing those things at the EX and loosing so much money!! LOL I was going to send you some Easter chocolate but I guess you don’t need any!
    I hope your eyes are ok, if you get glasses I’ll be the only one without them!!
    love you lots

  3. Judy,
    The games vary between 100yen-200yen. The games with the bigger prizes are 200yen. There is usually no time limit, and you only get one chance to grab the prize. It took me one try and 200yen to get that jumbo chocolate bar.

    Thanks. Maybe my eyes are going because of the UFO catcher game.
    The games are very fun!

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