Inside Stuff

Upon researching for some Ramen otaku sites, (Actually I googled the term “Ramen obsession”) I found this site and this. Both Ramen blogs dedicated to the Ramen world. Does it make you hungry?
Also during this research I found this site that answers all the important questions we have all wondered. Such as How many cheerios are in a box? The answer is here. How many do you think are in a box? I haven’t seen Cheerios for sale in Japan, so just writing this makes me wanna have some for dinner (of course with the standard Japanese milk with its 3% Milk Fat content!).

Now, how much ramen is in a package and how long are the noodles? You can find the answer here. Interesting stuff.

I also recently bought a Nintendo DS lite and got some software at this shop in Akihabara. Thanks to DJ Free for the shop info. It is called “March Rabbit.” Interesting that Easter (rabbit connection) is in fact in April, but perhaps just like the time of day and technology, everything is earlier in Japan. The shop owner decided that April Rabbit didnt sound good?
As it is, it was a hard time finding the shop as it seemed to have a sign made from paper. No picture of it, sorry. If I go back to Akiba soon, I will take one and post it on my flickr site.

I am in LOVE with this Calorie Mate CM (Commercial Message). See the ad here!


~ by frischfarms on April 23, 2007.

3 Responses to “Inside Stuff”

  1. i think Ramen was my favourite meal in Japan….except for those strawberry waffle cone things we had in Ibara from one of your friends at that Smile place… is that where it was?? lol
    miss you lots!

  2. ra~men is my favorite meal also.. you know my family loves noodle haha. it seems ur family also love ra~men ha?!

  3. HEY gabu why no new posts?? Im dying here without any info from you!! lol

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