I tried

Happy Birthday Fabien Dennery.  You should be 26.  If you are out there somewhere, then get in touch with me.  Lets have a chat.  You taught me the robot in grade 7, then the crossover in grade 9.  I am forever grateful for that.  Fabien Dennery, where you at bro?

Now, I tried to think about an answer to my last post. My conscience was telling me to come up with some reasons why I didn’t have a blog write up.  Among others, I tried to write, but life is busy here in Tokyo and lots of things keeping me busy and occupying my time away from my dynabook laptop, signing into wordpress, updating photos etc.  I was busy living. 
From what I remember, I saw a man eat a balloon, ate ramen, paid my cell phone bill, went to a wedding, played basketball, injured my finger, skateboarded,  ate boiled cow tongue. Oh, I also bowed quite a lot. Hey, I do live in Japan.  You have to bow all the time, and I like it, its cute. I have even adapted to “bowing on the phone.” It is the symptom of living in Japan long enough to adapt to it naturally. You bow your head as if the person that is on the phone is right in front of you – but they are not. 
 From now it will be a photo essay of sorts.  I tried to do a write up, but this is what you get.

This is a pic of a company party we had to celebrate our new year at work.  From April 24th.
In Akihabara on April 14th I managed to buy this old man for 88Yen. 
I went to Tsutsujigaoka to visit my old roomates and then had Monjayaki which looks like this with me.
In Sasazuka,  on April 27th I saw some young Japanese guys posing by the train, then decided do it myself.
The next day on April 28th, I got this chocolate from one of my students who recently went to Turkey.
Then on April 30th, I had a good chat about the Kabukicho (red light district) with these hosts or hosuto.
I went to Karaoke the same night in Shinjuku and took this photo of the lobby when no one was waiting.  It was busy though.
Here is the man eating a balloon in Shinjuku on April 30th, but in the afternoon.  He had many good tricks using pringles potato chips. Because of where I was standing, and because I stuck around between his acts, I saw the secret to how he eats the balloon.  I will not reveal it, here, but maybe over drinks one night, I might indulge the truth.
Another street performer that day had no secrets to hide when trying to perform.  He gathered a huge crowd and was quite funny in encouraging the crowd that he tried really hard, but does sometimes not complete his final act seen being set up here.  He played the star wars theme music which really warmed up the crowd!
I ate this cow tongue (wasabi on the side, the tongue is boiled, and very chewy) in this restaurant which specialized in cow tongue.  Believe me, it takes like steak!  Then got really drunk and took this seemingly clear photo of my coworkers smiling and strolling down Yotsuya, as well as this photo (taken at ….can you guess?) which was crystal clear for me at the time!
Playing basketball in Hatagaya on May3rd I injured my finger which looked like this.  It still hurts a little, but not as purple.
Here is a picture of a geek and his new nintendo ds lite toy on April 26th.
I went to my roommates wedding which was held in Yoyogi Park with some fashion people. Her name is Fashion Hayley.  You can see her blog in the list of friends on my site. You can see the wedding pics here and here.
This girl paid 10,000Yen for a piece of cake on her hat. Pretty hype.

I am liking the Bone-thugs n Harmony song called “I tried so hard”  It is currently #7 on the Billboard Top 100.



~ by frischfarms on May 9, 2007.

One Response to “I tried”

  1. Love it!! I love the pics! they;re awesome!!! Keep ’em coming gabu! How was golden week? I missed it this year! noooooo! Oh well next year for sure. Keep up the videos on youtube please!
    love you lots!

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