Wake up

It is hard for me to wake up in the morning, as I love and adore sleepI was up all night on Saturday, then took my bike home from Shibuya after chilling with friends MC Long among them.  I called my sister at 6am on Sunday, drunk.  It was 5pm in Ottawa and we had a brief little chat while she was heading out for a date!  I was glad to talk with her and it seems that she is doing well.  That is good.
I must wake up every morning to go to work.  wow, what an exciting blog entry so far.

I went out drinking with coworkers on Thursday in Toranomon (Tigers Gate – what an awesome name for a station and area in Tokyo!) then to karaoke at Karaoke Kan or Karakan for short Japanese slang in Roppongi in my suit until 12am. That was exciting as I rapped 2pac’s California Love, which was accordingly not well understood so I got in a couple other songs including my ballad, aishiteru – I love you. It melts hearts, but too bad, I suck at karaoke, but it is fun!

My best friend died last week.  What?! Don’t be sad because all is well, he just needs a new battery!  He is my SHARP PW-M800 Electronic dictionary and helps me get through tough times all the time. He needs a 単四電池 which is tan yon denchi.  Tan means single layer, yon means 4 and denchi means battery.  Interesting that this is called AAA or “triple a” battery in North America. Why does it have the character for 4?  Mystery, but I am sure if I dug into it more I could learn a lot more about batteries and their classification system.  Yeah, when I have time I will get to it. 

I rode my bike to Shibuya from Sasazuka on Saturday.  I mainly used my GPS on my W41CA keitai (cell phone in Japanese) to navigate my way through the back streets to get to Shibuya. I was holding my keitai in one hand, looking at its screen, while steering with the other.  I would look up every now and then to make sure I wasn’t going to hit a car (or rather a have a car hit me).  I could see the little guy on the GPS (the little guy is a cute icon that represents where I am) in real-time, so I could nearly ride my bike just by looking at the keitai screen.  How awesome.  This feature is standard on most phones now.

I am happy the Ottawa Senators are in The Stanley cup finals.  Awesome.  Of course, no media coverage here in Japan.

I plan to walk the length of the Yamanote line on June 9th. 7am. Again, I have to wake up early for that one.  I am walking with Mari from Watashi to Tokyo blog.  Should be very tiring.  Wake up Tokyo it is almost June!


~ by frischfarms on May 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “Wake up”

  1. Most hilarious conversation i’ve had with you to date gabe…. sooo random! But i loved it.
    And yes… you love to sleep. I remember when you were finishing high school, you used to sleep like 13 hours some times. Oh and you almost slept through your prom… that was interesting. 🙂
    Love oyu lots!

  2. Gabe if you want to see some of the game try going to cbc.ca They have the games streamed online. The next game is 730pm here on wednesday. Then 8pm Saturday and 8pm Monday. Try to see some of them- they’re awesome games!!!!

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