Internet Cafe

Manboo is the most famous internet cafe chains in Tokyo (most likely all of Japan as well) which is owned by Yahoo.  For 399yen you can rent your own booth with a lounge chair in it, a tv, a computer, a playstation and all you can drink soda/juice/coffee.  Oh and you get slippers too. That price is for one hour and its usually 105 yen for each 15 additional minutes.  Some people live overnight in these places due to the convenience. In fact I have stayed over night in one of these booths as I couldnt make the last train (trains in tokyo dont run 24 hours a day, but usually stop at 12 or 1am)
They have food, showers too.  As far as I know the showers are free, food is not free, though.  They have cup noodles, some places even have what seems to be a small restaurant built into the internet cafe because they serve soups, curry rice, pasta too.  Also they have a bunch of dvds that you can watch as well. Of course for free.  
Among the busy streets of Shinjuku there are probably 20 or 30 or these cafes within 5 mins walk of that station, so when I have an hour to kill between appointments or just wanna chill, then I can hang out in silence in my booth at the local internet cafe. 
The name Mangakissa:  manga means japanese comics and kissa is short for kissaten which means coffee shop. 
I went to one on Monday in Ikebukuro and watch half of The DaVinci Code. I have already seen it, but an interesting film.

On another note, the hottest women in the world (as voted by the Miss Universe Pageant) is a Japanese 20-year old from a small village near Mt. Fuji, Riyo Mori.
I had dinner with Miss Japan 2004 last year in Okayama, she was cute.


~ by frischfarms on May 30, 2007.

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