June weekend

Went to some hiphop shows. Friday night, I met a famous dj who was having his 30th anniversary party in club asia in Shibuya.   Shibuya is incredible – with all the night life, fashion, electricity it is stunning to watch.  I love it, especially riding your bike through the madness really is a test of your agility and hand-eye, bike brake coordination – there are too many people really to bike, but you just stop and go, weaving out of everyone.  Exhilarating!
On Saturday night, I hung out with Atsushi and Hideki, who showed me club nuts, and got me in for 1000 yen instead of 3000 yen.  Here is a pic of Atsushi and I.  He loves 2pac.


Saturday afternoon, I didnt have to make the cd for Fujiwara because he called me to cancel the lesson to be put off for next week. Lucky me as I slept from 8am-8pm on Saturday.
Sunday I taught a student in Shinjuku and then biked home around 3pm after hanging out in shinjuku watching street performers and picking up my wallet that I forgot at an internet cafe near the southern terrace of Shinjuku Station.  I relaxed there for 3 hours before my lesson.  It was 1060 yen for 3.5 hours.
BurgerKing is opening a store in Shinjuku on June 8th.  It used to be in Japan, but then left a couple years ago in a price war with McD’s.   It is back.  Japanese love their fast food burgers.  Is this America?   Thought they do have special burgers for the Japanese taste, such as the Teriyaki Burger at McD’s.


~ by frischfarms on June 4, 2007.

One Response to “June weekend”

  1. I can just picture you biking through the madnes lol… and kickin it in an internet cafe:) I want to experience a Tokyo club- it would blow any Ottawa club out of the water bahahah. Hope you enjoy the BK burgers!! even though they’re soo gross…but thats just me lol.
    miss you lots!!

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