Yamanote Walk

Saturday June 9th, 7am I will walk along the Yamanote line.
I will be walking with Mari from Watashi to Tokyo.
It will most likely take about 10+ hours to walk the distance, of course with bathrooms breaks.

Please send me a message!!

You can do so and follow my live feed on GPS while on the road via this site.
Wish me luck.  My legs are gonna be sore, so no basketball this week in Nakano. 

Also today, BurgerKing is back in Japan. There is a grandopening ceremony in Nishi-Shinjuku at 9am.  I want to eat the Whopper!  It will be 370Yen here in Japan. They say it is 13cm in diameter!  I wonder how many calories that burger has.

~ by frischfarms on June 8, 2007.

One Response to “Yamanote Walk”

  1. Gabe keep it up I know you can do it. Remember the Kenyas in Ottawa in marathons. no sweat remember the cheering when you came in to the finish line. You love to run walk the outdoors must be beautiful spring weather there.

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