If I wrote 2007, then you would suspect that it means this year, but in Japan its year 19.  Heisei 19.  I was born in Showa 56.    You fill out forms in Japan and most likely you will have to write 19 instead of 2007.  New year begins Jan 1st, but the fiscal year, school years all start in April.

I think its been 19 days since my last entry.  Well, thats the way it rolls.

I have been teaching in evenings in cafes which takes up my free time, but it is good cause then I get paid to speak English which is a relaxer after speaking japanese all day.  Monday – yuka, tuesday taka, wednesday is yuri and horiike, Friday is Urara, Sat is Nami, Sunday is Kaoru and Tenbou. 

My birthday happened 2 weeks ago – i am 26 now.

This is how my year went.  The expressions are key. I did take account of the things I learned in the past year.  Tokyo is busy and tons and tons to do here – I want to be a part of it all – but that cant happen, but perhaps at the sacrifice of sleep.  But i need my sleep.  Goodnight.



~ by frischfarms on June 29, 2007.

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  1. we are gettin old ha.

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