Daichou Kensa

I have been dreading this for about 1 week now.  Tomorrow I am going to the doctor for a necessary large intestinal exam.  Today, I have to eat some strange food to prepare my stomach for exams and x-rays tomorrow morning.  I am starving. I just had this for lunch: Sumashi soup (looks the same minus the green leaf and anything at all, I think it is just Sumashi flavoured), then Chuuka Gayu (pic is some what similar, but looks more like soup with rice (or fake rice) in it).

 Everyday at noon, when my lunch break kicks in there is a show on tv called Waratte iitomo you can see the host, Tamori  in this pic (he is the one on the far left in the dark sunglasses – he never takes them off!).  They showed a giant burger on todays show that is 36$ and takes 4 people to eat, of course they had a Japanese supereater on the show to eat it by herself.   She has a medical condition where her stomach is 5 times larger than a normal person. Her name is Galsone, I couldnt find a link right away, so no link, sorry.  

I mention it because I think I want to head to the restaurant where the burger comes from – Monster Cafe (monster portions of food, not to scare your brains out) in Shinjuku and buy the 36$ burger.  Actually, you need to make a day in advance reservation on that burger, so maybe I will buy the tower burger at 26$.  I looks like a triple layer cake – but its one burger.  I am starving! Perhaps tomorrow after the exam, I will go and challenge myself to eat the burger!! 

Daichou Kensa means “large intestinal Examination) 


~ by frischfarms on July 2, 2007.

One Response to “Daichou Kensa”

  1. Hope the exam went ok. Not pleasant.

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