Exam results and Burger King

I did it.  I went to the clinic in Shimbashi and managed to arrive in my suit jacket sweating from the congested train ride and summer humidity of Tokyo.  At the clinic, there were not a lot of people in the lobby, but it surely is not too quiet with the 40 inch plasma tv screen showing me commercials for bug spray.  The commercial shows a lady who is dresses in hiking type clothes and dancing beside 2 big blobs of green characters.  She waves her arms and dances around singing a jingle.  A lot of ads in Japan seem very 80s and cheesy.   Well, after changing into my robe, and undergoing the exam (no details on this blog, sorry) I found out that I don’t have any problems with my intestines and don’t have cancer.   They said “well I guess you are fine after all.”  All I was thinking about is food and how hungry I was.   I was thinking about a giant hamburger.   I paid 700yen to get a print out of my xrays of my stomach to see how empty it really was.

On June 8th, 2007 Burger king opened back in Japan after a 6 year absence because they lost a price war to McDonalds. Since the return of the King, there were long line ups for the first 2 weeks of upwards to 1 hour to eat “fast food.”  Not very fast and it made the news. Well, as I said, I was planning to eat a Tower Burger (3 burgers pilled on top of each other) at Monster Cafe on Tuesday night after my Daicho Kensa but I instead went to burger king with my coworker, Seki.  The line was only 10 minutes long, so I was not that
I had a double whopper with cheese and bacon, I think it is 990 calories, and that is just the burger! 

This weekend I plan to head to Tottori prefecture. 10 hour bus ride away. I will go to the San-in Beach Party there.
I will be reuniting with people that I used to work with as a teacher in Okayama Prefecture.   I plan to take a bus at 8pm on Friday, visit the sand dunes  (yes, it looks like Egypt) on Saturday morn, party at night, then return to Tokyo sunday night.   11 hour bus ride, 800km.   One way.  It should be incredible. 1000 people on the beach.  I will be looking forward to meeting Gary, Ben, Wendy, Jeff all from Ibara city where I taught english from July 2005-July 2006.


~ by frischfarms on July 5, 2007.

6 Responses to “Exam results and Burger King”

  1. Hi Gabe, glad health exam went ok. No cancer? What the…?!! Please write me in detail on my email. Hope you have fun at beach party …it looks like a lot of great fun in the sun and ocean, music. Tell all the Jets I said hello and miss our fun times at the pubs together and hope they are all well, and tell Gary to call me if he ever comes to TO again. THe trip to Japan and sharing times with them all were so great and memorable!!! Send me a postcard from beach party if you can too.

  2. i’d like to see how empty your stomach was…. LOL that’d be awesome!!! hhahhayou better not have cancer! 😀

  3. IIIII Want that Burger!!!!!
    wendys c section is going to be the 15th of august. I you are going to be there for awhile i have to figure out a way go go over there….
    hope everything is going well. this site is impressive.
    I just took 5 tons i.e 10000 pounds of sod and soil out of my backyard today. My dad the crazy guy he is volunteers and did it with a broken rib. Of course he only took out 2.5 tons with a broken rib son really not that impressive for the 61 year old guy.
    A ton or so more of stuff out of the backyard and then I get to put down some gravel and rubber chunks and it is playstructure time for soph and likely the boy will be named alexander but a month left and that could change.

  4. o ya cancer what the hell. If you have gut issues you have to call me……or at least email me. You need to utilize your resources like you are so good at doing…..

  5. hey…whats up with the once a month blogging?? 🙂 we know you’re busy…but we’re getting restless here without anything hahaha

  6. Judy,
    I couldnt send a postcard, and I did tell them all hello from you.
    I will take a pic of the xray once I get my ichiganreffu or dSLR camera. Bonkers quality.

    John Domreis,
    Glad things are going well, why does your dad have a broken rib? Wow, and still got all that dirt out of the way. Sophia must be happy to be getting a play structure!
    Naming must be tough – good luck.

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