Beach Party

To continue from my last post, I do not have cancer. 
As I mentioned it is a requirement to get a health exam once a year with your company in Japan.  They found blood in my stool, and thought I would have cancer.  Over cautious Japanese doctor probably wanted to dazzle me with his knowledge of all the medical terms he knows in English. Here is the food I ate for lunch on the day prior to the exam.
Here are some pics of the clinic.
So they had me in for a second exam.  In which they filled my intestines up with air and white fluid, put me on a rotating table and had me learn new medical ways to say “turn left, turn right.”  Well not the last part.
Thanks John D for the reminder that I have doctors on hand. hehe.   Good luck with the pregnancy in the next month or so.
So all is well.

July 7th was the San in beach party – awesome.   Took a bus from Shinagawa Bus terminal that left at 8:30pm. This pic is near the bus station.  I arrived at Tottori Station at 7:30am.  Here is a pic of Tottori Station.  Here is a pic of Shinjuku station in Tokyo.  Whats the big difference anyway? The first thing that came to mind getting of the bus in Tottori was “man, I am tired, and this place has nothing – nanimo nai!”  Of course there were about 7 people in total around the station. Of course the inaka or countryside has a peaceful feeling to it, and I felt I could breath.  I asked one gentleman for directions to get to the sand dunes by bus, then proceeded to brush my teeth in the station restroom.   I was exhausted from trying to sleep in a japanese size chair.  I think the back of the chair if for a smaller person as it curved very unnatural for me.  I did manage to sleep for a good 5 hours, though.

Then the party and met up with friends from Okayama where I taught from July 2005-July 2006.
Some of the people hosting the party remembered me from last year, my name Gabuchan is rare, and I emphasize using it all the time.   DJ Kaori was also there.  She is Japanese but rose to fame in NYC, then came back to Japan.  It was best when she played 2Pac’s California Love. Amazing, and the crowd rocked, with more than 200 people packed into the sand area up from the beach, covered and in from of the stage.  See what it looked like at 545am here.  On the side of the stage were food stalls selling food and drinks.   I danced a lot and felt like a great break from Tokyo.   My legs did get severe sunburn, they have now since peeled, but are still red.  Last year, I dropped my phone in the ocean, but this year, I had my phone resting on DJ Kaori’s DJ Table, so it was all good.  Of course, I was at the very front of the crowd and even got on one dudes shoulders to pump up the crowd.   I love the attention.
Here is a shot of me and DJ Kaori.  They had a capoeira show on the beach.  Here is a pic.  You can see the maestre doing a jump kick over some guys back.  This is what the half of the beach looks like.
So back at the Sand Dunes, I took some photos.  Here, and here

Then huslte back to Tokyo on Sunday July 8th.  I took a bus to Osaka, then rode the shinkansen (bullettrain) to Tokyo. There was a delay at 8pm (an employee killed himself by jumping in front of the train), so I arrived in Tokyo at 2am, everyone was complaining at Tokyo station.  I got 5000yen refund (50$) but used 3000yen (30$) of it to get home by taxi.  They did actually offer people to stay and sleep in the trains for free, but I just went home. 

July 24rd, 2007 will be the two year mark since I came to Japan. 
Thanks for reading.
This last pic is my on the Shinkansen near Kyoto.


~ by frischfarms on July 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Beach Party”

  1. Good to hear you are well and ok and no cancer!! The beach party looked like a great time with beautiful scenery like Oregon Coastline too. Happy anniversary on July 24th too. Miss you lots, love M

  2. Judy,
    Thanks. Does every coastline look like Oregon? heheh.
    Miss you too very much

  3. shinkansen!!! i reminds last summer, i miss mt fuji.

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