Brand Know

Well the present tense of knew is know.   Just a thought, Why does “know” sound more like “no” and not more like “now” ? 

So here is yesterdays post but more cool with links and such.  You like the links, or not, let me know (or “no”).

 So as I mentioned I got a new camera.  Here are the product shots.  I got the lens kit at Yodobashi camera in Shinjuku.  I also got a panasonic 2GB SD card using 13% point system that they have to card members.    In fact, since January I have been studying and reading up on Digital SLR cameras to narrow down between the Nikon D40 and the Canon Kiss X (better known in North America as the Rebel Xti).  
In the first week I have taken over 1500 photos.  My sidebar flickr pics will now be mostly taken with my new camera.

I got a new haircut.
Here is the old one.
Here is the new one.
Which haircut do you prefer?

I bought a new suit at Aoki.   Ueto Aya is the promoter of their suits.  You can see the commercial here.  She is very popular here in Japan also featured in the “double white plan” for mobile phone company Softbank.  You can see that commercial here.  The black dude is her brother and the dog is her dad.   I LOVE that commercial.  
Aoki also is a promoter of the CoolBiz campaign introduced by the govt a couple years ago.  It is supposed to encourage companies to keep their air conditioners at 28 degrees and not wear heavy suits and ties at the office during the humid summer months.   CoolBiz.   Whats next, WarmBiz?    Yup, you guessed it, WarmBiz already exists!

Tomorrow is a Brand new month. 


~ by frischfarms on August 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “Brand Know”

  1. I like your new haircut! Looks great!

  2. Agreed. I’m a anonymous passer-by…bytheway.

  3. Amy,
    Thanks. I think it is good for the summer months.

    Thanks for stopping by on my site! Do you have a blog of your own?

  4. yes. The url is, unfortunately I don’t really keep up on it but I will as soon as I get a job and move to Japan.

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