Free Willy – Whale meat in Japan. kujira, クジラ

I ate whale meat クジラ as part of my meal last night.  Raw.
Seemingly a normal Izakaya, 居酒屋 the place had a separate “whale menu.”


I have seen the videos on youtube about illegal whale hunting by some select groups of fisheries, and horrible killing of dophins, but have not seen the actual meat in restaurants (I usually eat out everyday because of the low cost and convenience, hey, time is money right!?) until now.
According to Wiki:
Japan’s whaling is officially done for research purposes. This is specifically sanctioned under IWC regulations that also specifically require that whale meat be fully utilized upon the completion of research. Many international scientific and environmentalist groups argue that the killing is not necessary to conduct the research.

So with about 20 items on the whale menu to choose from, I chose the whale sashimi.  It is simply raw whale meat.  Perhaps the fin, my friend and I deduced.

Actually it tastes like raw horse meat.


~ by frischfarms on August 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Free Willy – Whale meat in Japan. kujira, クジラ”

  1. Dude! You have the address of the place? I was in Tokyo for 5 days last month, hoping to find a place to try whale meat but don’t know where to look. I heard you can order them cooked like a steak and it’s really good.

  2. Hao,
    Well next time in Japan, drop me a comment on my blog, then I will take you there!
    Dont remember the name, but this place is like 10 meters from the 歌舞伎町 Kabukicho entrance sign in Shinjuku (take east exit). It is on the left.
    I dont know about getting whale steak, but they did have over 20 varieties of whale, so perhaps they had it.

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