Clean Cities

I found this article online while researching about Minneapolis. 
Check out this story.

The top 25 list in pictures can be seen here.

Sorry Ben, but Ottawa is #4, and Minneapolis, #5. 

Tokyo is clean, generally, but in parts of Kabukicho and Shibuya, it can get dirty.  It seems there is a major lack of public garbages around.  I think this is an attempt by the city to prevent people from polluting, it does work to an extent, but some people are just bound to pollute.

~ by frischfarms on August 6, 2007.

4 Responses to “Clean Cities”

  1. Really? Ottawa is #4… Thats weird cause its not that clean. Hows everything in Tokyo? Can’t wait to see you!!!! It’s been like a year or more.

    Miss you lots!

  2. Sam,
    If you read the lists, yes Ottawa is #4. Trust me, Ottawa is very very clean. Parks and green green green. Tokyo is wow. Thanks for the comment

  3. countdown 4 days until kid number 2 comes. the lead for the name in alexander osorio domreis. the kid is stealing my birthday but it worked best for the surgery schedule….
    hope everything is going well.

  4. John,
    Awesome! What a birthday gift! Let him steal your name too, how about the name John Jr.? 😛
    Best of luck!!

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