Days go by – Trains. August = H.O.T.

I like these lyrics. The song is by Dirty Vegas.  It is from 2001, but its getting play on my Sony MP3 Player.  No iPod.

The rhythm of the song is the feel of Tokyo trains, morning, sleepy, head bobbing as the tokyo pulse and fluidity of people, fills the trains.  This gives me the energy to wake up.

Here are the lyrics:
You are still a whisper on my lips
A feeling at my fingertips
That’s pulling at my skin
You leave me when I’m at my worst   Feeling as if I’ve been cursed    Bitter cold within
Days go by and still I think of you   Days when I couldn’t live my life without you
Days go by and still I think of you   Days when I couldn’t live my life without you
Without you  Without you.

You is anything that you need.  Right now its green.  Not starbucks, but maybe greens grass and a picnic.

I also really enjoy the group/band Cut Copy. They are from Melbourne, Australia.   Thats all I have researched.
I was in a hip store in Shinjuku, heard this music, downloaded their album, now rock to it when I need to groove.

This song is called Going Nowhere.  If you ride the Yamanote line, you are really going nowhere.  Look at this map to see what I mean.

This song is called Future.  I refuse to watch the video because I have my own video for this song in my head – Rush of Tokyo and trains.

Here is a live version of their music called Time Stands still.
They talk a lot about time.  Their songs include Future, Saturdays, Time Stands Still.
Im not in America or Canada, so the summer fun song “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston is good, but I may have a different perspective of the song living in Tokyo – especially cause I am not a teen or in university anymore, but a salary man.   But I do like the hook.

I went to the Sample Lab on Aug 5th.  It opened in July.  It is in the 5th floor of this awesome building!!  Here is their homepage. It is a neat concept shop.  You pay 10$ for a year membership to take home up to 5 sample products per day. Companies are using this to get feedback from surveys about the products not yet released to the general public, but available at Sample Lab in Harajuku.

I also went to UT Harajuku.  Which is about 100 metres from Sample Lab.  Here is a pic. Awesome shop.  All t-shirts are 1500yen (about 15$)

My friend Chimbo (we met at Carleton University) back in Ottawa in 2003 came to Tokyo for 2 days on Aug 2nd. He lives in Osaka.


~ by frischfarms on August 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Days go by – Trains. August = H.O.T.”

  1. just had a listen to days go by on youtube, love it, thanks for mentioning it!

  2. gabe that Dirty Vegas song is so old! But its an awesome song… pretty sweet at clubs too 🙂
    In response to your email- my move was great…place is awesome!! I love living on my own!

    Can;t wait to see you in..what 3 or 4 weeks?

  3. Heretic,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment, I do love the video too!

    Glad you are loving living on your own. Should be about 4 weeks or so till the trip, yeah.

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