End of Summer?

Last week, went out to the FutakoTamaGawa 二子玉川 (Two kids, ball river) for a huge fireworks show. Here is one pic. Of course, I brought my Nikon D40 Digital SLR!! All fireworks shows are huge in Japan and they last about an hour. Two shows were happening at the same time. Tokyo v.s. Kanagawa. Tamagawa is the river that separates Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture. You can see a satellite image here. There were perhaps 300,000 people, but that is just a guess.

Here is a pic of the aftermath at the station

Then I went to Shibuya and went to a club called Camp to meet my friend MC LONG (MC ロング) where he was doing a rap performance. He is a cool cat. When I have time I will upload a photo of him.
Sunday I was too hungover to do much but managed to go to a huge geek event at Tokyo BigSight. Here is a pic of outside 500,000 comic geeks gathered for the biggest convention of the year. I have never seen so many introverts in one place. There were cosplayers too. Cute is key, not beautiful. As long as something is cute, then it can be a success or have a fan base here in Japan.
I think thats why there was some controversy when Miss Japan won the miss universe pageant, because she is not “hot” in Japan. I thought she had more of an international beauty to her. In Japan, she is too confident it seems and may intimidate guys. Girls like Ueto Aya (whom I wrote about in the Softbank commercials) are very popular, and a little childish, cute. I admit cute is cute, though…. orz. (orz is a picture of someone bowing) o is the head r is the hands, z is the bent knees.
I bow because I must apoligize for admiting that cute is cute.Cosplayers

Update: I found this article online today through Mainichi News and here is an excerpt from the article:

“There is a common trait among the Akihabara otaku fetishes, with the poor eyesight of the girls wearing glasses, the humility of the maids who refer to every man they deal with as ‘master’ and now the women feigning injury but still swathed in bandages and eye patches: all these women look as though they’re weak. This makes the men want to protect the women,” the pshrink says. “In our age of gender equality, the number of strong-willed women has increased. Men still want to protect and look after women, though, so they seek out those who seem to be in need of help.”
Seems to me, this Otaku thing will evolve more and more.

I have been thinking about buying an apple laptop. Going to America next month (Minneapolis) so I should save some money. Last year (november) I bought my toshiba laptop for 80,000 Yen at Sofmap. I figure that I could sell it back to them, salvage some coin, then use that towards buying the mac. I am happy with what my laptop has done for me though.

With work, yesterday I was out of the office all day at a menu photo shoot. “Sizzle” or shizuru is the word the Japanese use to describe a picture where you can “taste” the food by just looking at the photo. i.e. a close up of the steak or boiling ramen noodles or udon as was the case yesterday. Here are the google pic results for “Sizzle Udon”

It is not the end of Summer. Japan is still hot and it will cool down a little, but September can still be hot.
What’s the weather in Tokyo? Click here to find out. link via the weather network.
This sunday I am going to a beach in Chiba with Shuntaro.
Tonight, I will have another reunion with the Japanese friends from Ottawa whom have now come back to Japan. We will go to an Izakaya.
There are too many things I wanna do. I did make a list of this last year.

Something cute just happened. My co-worker sneezed. It was the quietest sneeze I’ve heard. I sneeze very loudly.
I don’t think you care. Thats my post.


~ by frischfarms on August 24, 2007.

7 Responses to “End of Summer?”

  1. I care have a nice day.

  2. Oh your sneezes Gabe – so memorable so hysterical!!
    Enjoyed long stories. What are cosplayers? Summer is still going on here too. 3 weeks to go. Yes!!

  3. Someone told me sneezing is the closest you ever come to death without experiencing it. I thought it was profound at the time. I’m not so sure anymore.

  4. Coollikeme,
    Thanks for reading.

    Glad you remember my sneezing. Yes 3 weeks left.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosplay explains cosplay.

    Sneezing can be very painful at times. Death? Could be the body exhailing at accelerated speeds, not sure about the science behind that one. My coworkers sneeze was as quiet as someone clicking their mouse.

  5. I like the mention of the sneeze. Gives you character. I have some friends in Japan, but I haven’t spoken to them in awhile. I do plan on coming back to read more about your experiences there.

    So the Japanese culture (just as a whole) doesn’t appreciate confident women? I would think Ueto Aya would be just as confident, or is it just because her ‘cuteness’ (her face appears to be more ‘sweet’) is really the key factor?

    I like the randomness of your blog. It’s great.

  6. Harlequingazette,
    Thanks for your comment. I do welcome you coming back to read about my experiences.
    As per your response to my post, Japanese women are becoming more focused on their careers, and themselves gaining more confidence relative to their ancestors.
    There is a declining birthrate in Japan. I think that women gaining confidence (not falling into the housewife typical role) is part of this shift in demographics.
    About Ueto Aya, she is popular because of her face.
    Why is cuteness more appreciated than beauty? I think as Japanese women gain more confidence, this conflicts with what Japanese men historically have been used to – subservient women. This I think is leading to the popularity of cute girls who seem as the subservient type.
    Japan is also a very animated culture, so anything (not just girls) that is cute will be popular.
    It is all about the KAWAII かわいい! 

  7. The birthrate is declining? Isn’t it quite overpopulated there?

    So you like the cuteness better also? The subservient type? (Well, what appears that way…):)

    I dunno, I never liked cute things, except tiny Chihuahuas.

    Have a good one.

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