I love it.   Why isn’t Sashimi popular?  What is Sashimi, well, read about it here.  The word sashimi means “pierced body”!!!!
That is tight!
It is nearly the same thing as sushi just minus the rice portion.  The piece of fish on top is called the neta.   Actually, people refer to jokes or punch-lines as neta here in Japan, as perhaps suggesting that you have a little extra on top of your humour (note the Canadian spelling). ねた著 or netacho refers to a joke or material written in a little book.   Of course I have a netacho, but it is for studying.

I love Sushi, sashimi.

Here is my photo set.  Thanks Ben for hooking me up with a PRO flickr account.  Long overdue, and now, all myphotos will be permanently saved online.  Expect more and more photos to appear, especially the quality will improve with my new Nikon d40.

Usually at the kaiten zushi 回転寿司 (sushi goes by on a moving tray in front of you) the plates are about 120yen-500yen.  Each plate will have 2 pieces of sushi.   YUMM!  というか、おいしい! 寿司が上手すぎから、毎日食べたいよ!


~ by frischfarms on August 31, 2007.

4 Responses to “Sushi”

  1. I think in US a lot of people use the word sushi synonymously for sushi, sashimi, and any other Japanese raw fish dishes =\

  2. Hao,
    I think you are right. Sushi is quick, its easy to remember, good for the US.

  3. mmmmmmm You are ALWAYS making me hungry!

    There is nothing like buttery delicious salmon sashimi. I actually dont like it much cooked.

    A little white fish… a little ponzu… oh I need a 24hr sushi place


  4. Beautiful pictures on Flickr. The only thing I could eat would be something like an avocado roll, since I’m vegetarian.

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