Shibuya, Tokyo

Shibuya Crossing or called the スクランブル交差点 sukuranburu  kousaten is the Scrabble Crossing in Shibuya area of Tokyo.  This is a great shot of what it looks like.
They call it a scramble because you can walk in any direction across the intersection.  Essentially, no cars cross in any direction when the pedestrians cross.   It is a real fun experience because of the type of people you can see in such a very short time frame.  Waves of people.  Like tidal.  You can see tons of great fashion as well.
It is the heart of Shibuya displayed in a many movie.  The Starbucks opposite to Hachiko is the highest grossing Starbucks (in terms of sales) in the world.
Of course we cant forget about Hachiko.  He is a famous dog, and if you come to Tokyo, you are bound to hear about him.  Dont you wanna know?  Well, you can read about him here. Of course I have met Hachiko,  here is my pic!  Everyone meets in front of the famous dog statue!

I have put a new photo set up of Shibuya, so check it out here!

On Thursday Sept 6th, I am going to Bangkok, Thailand for 3 days.  Flying on JAL – Japan Airlines.  Arrive at 12am on Friday morning so I checked out this Sleeping in Airports site for tips to pass the 6 hours wait.  My friend Samarth arrives at 6am from India, so I will have some time to kill.

~ by frischfarms on September 5, 2007.

5 Responses to “Shibuya, Tokyo”

  1. The most bonkers gathering of people ive ever seen!! How is that near your house!? 🙂

    see you soon!

  2. HEY Gabe its Hayley. I just found your Blog. How is Tokyo going, have you got a new housemate? I messaged you on myspace, but you dont seem to check that. I didnt get to say goodbye properly and I’m sorry about that, my last week was so chaotic. Me and Henry should be coming back to Tokyo next year for a visit, and I’m going back to uni to study teaching, then in 4 years we are moving back to Tokyo for good hopefully. I miss it so much. Dont EVER leave its not worth it….but do come visit us here in Melbourne, its not so bad, good for a holiday…but boring to live in. Ahhhhh I hate it here. We miss you and your drunk chats and your nice girlfriend Megumi, say hi to her. Its so shit that I cant live in Japan without a degree, so I’m getting that done ASAP…we are Japanadicts for life now! You’ll be pleased to know I’m learning Japanese finally too….a bit late, but ehhh. Anyhow email me at

  3. Sam,
    Thanks for the comment. Shibuya is about a 20 min bike ride from my place. I could take the train there in 4 stops. Of course, transfering at Shinjuku station.

  4. Hayley!
    I will be sure to email you, glad to know all is well!

  5. […] is most likely one of the busiest intersections in Japan, if not in the world. You may have read my post about it here and it is one of my favourite spots – pure excitement, but very busy. Last weekend I managed to get […]

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