October 1st, 2007?

Feels like october 1st, 2006. More than a year has gone by since moving and getting my new job in tokyo.

tokyo is a fast life. feels like I shouldnt or cant slow down. be fast or be embarassed in the train station by the hoards of people behind ryou at the ticket gate as you PASMO card doesnt allow you to get through the ticket gate. be very fast.


Or is this easier to read?

Someone has written a thesis on this, I bet. But I wont.
I want to write one on why I think Japan is just like a vending machine.
It is hard to think that I have all the pieces in my head to emotionally understand the reasons why I know Tokyo is like a vending machine, but it is hard to put into words.

In fact writing that sentence was tough, am I losing my smart english, and am I only using simple english? I wanna spend more time reading japanese and learning it than reading english.

Thats it, todays rambling pad was my blog.

~ by frischfarms on October 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “October 1st, 2007?”

  1. it’s always hard when you don’t really use parts of a language! i mean, i havent written any french (french is my mothertongue btw) for about 4 years and now, even though i can write, i know it’s the wrong spelling! since i’ve kept speaking it with people i’m still fluent, but my writing is terrible

  2. Heretic,
    Thanks for the comment.
    I used to speak french a lot but now that I am in Japan, I don’t speak it at all. I agree with you – writing and speaking are not the same, and are 2 different skill sets.

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