Trends over the last year – Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo life, update

At work I have been collecting articles that I think have been relevant to cultural trends here in Tokyo and Japan
Here are some of the titles of the article to give you an idea (please note that I didnt write the articles, most are from the JapanTimes):

Pachinko seeks to shed shady image as market shrinks.

Japanese companies woo women back to work.

Buzzwords trying to find own linguistic niche.

Second life, Second lingo: Virtual world of opportunities awaits language students online.

Everything comes to those who wait: All together now, lets form a line.

Fast food Binge continues to take Japan: Krispy Kreme becomes new poster boy of U.S. gastronomic invasion.

Women willing to pay style premium: Nissan’s ‘cute marketing’ campaign bearing fruit.

Mothers turning ‘bento’ into high art: Beyond just tradition, boxed-lunch creativity becoming source of pride.

People slow to embrace offer of free hugs.

TV shows spur ‘health’ food fads.

Buddhist Bubble Burst: Temples group for gimmicks to stay relevant, flush.
Interesting article titles and shows a bit about what has been happening here.

Other than that,
My uncle Steve and his  co-worker Craig are in Tokyo.  Over this past weekend we hung out in Shibuya, Roppongi, Harajuku, Omotesando Hills.  We also walked around Shinjuku and Kabukicho on Sunday night.
Have yet to upload the pictures yet.
They seem to really enjoy japan and have a different view – an architect’s eye for everything!  They are staying in an awesome hotel in near Tokyo Station.
In fact, I have yet to organize my pictures from Bangkok, my trip to america, and now I have been back in Japan for a week.

Maybe buying my Nikon D40 digital SLR was a good move, but it makes me take so many photos – cause it is just too much fun!  the “gaatccha” sound of the shutter is hypnotizing, so for me –  Gabriel Pliska – ガブリエル プリスカ (in Japanese) – it is worth it.  Just be patient and you will get the photos.

~ by frischfarms on October 2, 2007.

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