Thank you 10,000. Toyama. Kyoto too.

The new Gabriel times has passed 10,000 visitors. 

Thanks to all visitors who have passed by my blog and please continue to drop by for some stories about Tokyo and Japan.
Next month my blog will turn 1.  I am happy to have reached 10,000 visitors, but since I didn’t make it a goal to increase traffic to my site, I have no gage whether that number is good or not, just 10,000. 

I had a whirlwind month of September traveling to Thailand and USA, then have my uncle from Portland, Oregon visit me in Tokyo for the last 2 weeks.

I have slowly been organizing my photos from both trips last month.

I had KFC for dinner last night – not a healthy choice.  Tonight I will eat a big salad, with avocado, lettuce, crab, and tomatoes.  I do have some carrots in the fridge that I should cut up. I teach in Daitabashi (next station from my house – I bike there) from 8:30pm-9:30pm though

Last weekend was awesome.  I hung out with my uncle Steve and Craig (from GBD). 
Some things we have done in the past two weeks (can’t remember it all!!):

-Went to Heartland in Roppongi Hills
-Went to club Muse in Roppongi.
-Crossed Shibuya crossing several times
-Visited a Kamukura restaurant in Shibuya
-Ate Gyukaku
牛角 in Shibuya  where you cook your own meat (hehe, we like shibuya!)
-Visited Tsukiji
築地Fish market at 6am (after drinking all night at Club Yellow in Roppongi) and we ate the “best sushi!”
We even rode around on the (check out this pic!) fish carts (just jumped on the back!) in Tsukiji – you won’t be told to do that in the guidebooks!  Of course all the tourists are lining up at the sushi shops featured in the guide books (in the case of the Japanese, they line up at the shops that they have read about in a magazine or have been seen on TV), but the sushi shops right next door, have  no line! Why wait, it’s the same fish! The fish are all caught that morning – so delicious!

On Tuesday (I took a day off work, hehe) we went to Toyama to the Garaku River Retreat – incredible building and onsen.  There was even a carbonated bath – great for your skin and blood.  It was 3.5hours from Tokyo.
At the relaxation room in the retreat. We sat in these high tech massage chairs and Steve yelled his head off because of the comfort!  The massage chair felt better than a massage I got in Thailand – for real.  Machine v.s. man. Crazy.
Then we took a train to Kyoto – then we had curry at a Coco Ichibanya (Number 1 Coco Curry house) and I we met my old roommate from Portland who just came back to Kyoto after living in Portland for 3 years!
We walked around Gion district and downtown (no real craziness like in Tokyo) and chatted at a small Izakaya 居酒屋。I had a Mango-Orange Chu-hai, Craig drank Lychee-grapefruit chu-hai and Steve had a Kirin beer.
I was there in Kyoto for a total of 5 hours. Took the overnight bus (10:50pm – 6:30am) for 5000yen back to Shinjuku Station.  Went home for 7am, slept for 1 hour then went to work!

I’m a salary man.

~ by frischfarms on October 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Thank you 10,000. Toyama. Kyoto too.”

  1. you are a salary man- you’re hilarious gabe. that food looks rediculous!

  2. Thanks for the comment Sam. If you try your best, you can be a salary man too! 🙂

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