Japanese Food

Sushi, Tonkatsu Ramen, Sashimi, Katsu Curry, Miso Ramen, tempura, seafood (all types – fried, raw, still moving as you chew), tonkatsu, whale meat, beef tongue, hambaga – too many to list.

I have put some photos over the last year taken at various places around Japan. Very nice photo set.

Check it out here.

All photos in Flickr are timestamped, so you can see when each photo was taken – if you have time to kill, or are immensely interested.

おいしい = delicious
This is how you really eat ramen in Japan – slurp, slurp, slurp!

How to eat ramen

I attacked this guy with chopsticks afterwards and a ninja star battle ensued.


~ by frischfarms on October 15, 2007.

4 Responses to “Japanese Food”

  1. gabe get iChat so we can talk more. buy a mac!! lol How is everything?

  2. Fresh Fish looks great. I want some. everything looks deeeelicious.

  3. Sam, Dont post about ichat in my blog. send me an email about that.

    Thanks for the comment. Keep watching the site for more delicious food.

  4. sorry!

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