October 23, 2007


I want to have a smile like this when I am 60 70.

Congrats to my cousin John on his new baby, Alex.  Love from me.
I miss you Steve Domreis – come back to Japan – too much fun!!

Update: seems like a while since I have done one.

Now its 2am, just got back from walking from Sakurajyousui. Last train only went to there from Chitosekurasuyama. Those are some long names. Station names along the Keio Line that heads west from Shinjuku.

So some things:

Did you realize that you are a Champion, Judy Pliska? “I dont know I just wanted it better for my kids” I dont know what you did for dough, but I went to school with a new wardrobe each september.
Did you realize that you are a champion? Giving up is way harder than trying. Think that.
Tell me what it takes to be number 1!

So I headed to Saitama for the weekend.
Chilled with my friend Shuntaro’s mother and father. They are super GENKI!! 元気だよ!  素敵な親たち、いつもお世話になってくれるから、嬉しい!
download Japanese fonts and then download rikai chan and then you could read that.
We visitied Kasama Shrine 笠間神社 in Ibaragi Prefecture. Check the wiki link
As said on the site “The Kasama Inari Shrine (笠間稲荷神社) is probably the most famous landmark. It is one of the three famous Inari Shrines in the country. It is the center of the city, and many festivals are celebrated there”

You want pictures: Hell yes, words suck, pictures rock.

Oct 14, headed to Ueno Park. here is some random statue with me. Then headed to a shrine inside Ueno Park, check out this hot fox. Check my ninja styles in this stylish picture, thanks Megumi.
Went to AmeYoko shopping area of Ueno, with tons of cool shops. Check the cross roads in this pic.
I ate this!!! Its a bowl of awesome fish on rice. Eat it when you come to Japan.
Night of the 15th I found myself 500 km south of Tokyo in Kagoshima. Plane pic here. Stayed there most of the 16th October too.
17th I didnt have any pictures, so i didnt exist that day.

18th, lunch with co-workers Iwata and Baba. This was my lunch. Check it hot!

Night of the 18th, had a date with Mai. Her is here.
This was the view from Sumitomo Building which is 10 mins walk from the west exit of Shinjuku Station.

This sign that is in every train in Tokyo says:
Emergency Door Lock
Due to danger, unless its an emergency, dont exit the train.
If you pull on the handle in front of you, then the door will open.
There are circumstances that when you exit the train, another train maybe passing by, so take caution.
Then on the 20th and 21st I headed to Saitama.
Here is the complete 116 photo set on my flickr page. Bridges, food, fish market, shrine. pasta, fun food relax from the bustling nature of busy Tokyo.
Went to Kasama Shrine and Nakaminato Fishing Market. This was awesome – a guy killing live fish and gutting the eggs to sell later at the market. Here he is doing such a thing.
I ate lots of food and I ate this sushi – it was whale.

I know, I know I look better in real life.


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  1. Wonderful photos. Writing is interesting and clever and makes one continue to the end and always hoping for more…. a great skill. Remember I always said it’s the details of life that makes it.
    Love M

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