My stomach and my weekend

My stomach

Originally uploaded by Gabriel Pliska

I have uploaded photos of some Japanese X-rays of my intestines. You can see the rest of the photos here.

On the weekend I participated in the Yamanote Halloween party. Foreigners take over a train car and wear costumes. It was a good good time.
I lost my sony mp3 player, so I am thinking to buy the new iPod nano. Maybe something I dont need, so maybe the shuffle will suffice.
I also broke up with my gf. I need some time for me in the next two weeks-is what I said.  I will run a 10k race around the Tokyo imperial palace on November 11, so that is when I will see her next.
I also have some photos set of Tokyo Train Tickets. I collected a bunch to post on here. See the photos set here. Interesting designs, and there is a lot of information packed into that little ticket.


~ by frischfarms on October 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “My stomach and my weekend”

  1. holly shit x-ray pic

  2. nice shot of the anal balloon for the barium enema.

  3. Navigator,
    thanks for the comment and glad you like the x-ray pic.

    so thats what its called! Barium enema. Beautiful!

  4. eeew!

    Sorry about the gf. My bf and I are about to be there too. Lots of fish in the sea baby

  5. Blueseaglass,

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