Notes from Japan

pic in shinjuku on bike

At work I often take study notes or simply take memo of things I am learning at the job and in life. I have a few of these notes lying around my desk. This is the inner mind of a foreigner working in Japan at an ad agency. Here are the excerpts from one of the notes over a 2 month period earlier this year 2007:

Perception of Reality: (What you are doing & what you think you are doing. Focus on the outward thinking not inward)
Conflict of Interest = 利益相反 りえきそうはん riekisouhan
I feel good if I am learning and able to understand Japanese more and more. >>>Meet more Japanese people after work to practice Japanese.
A job is “value giving” not “time-giving.” – inspired from Steve Pavlina
?What are your goals?
“Western companies expect you to think for yourself. Japanese companies don’t expect you to do anything without being told.” From
Japan will always be a part of me: Shuntaro -> friend for life.(note here that Shuntaro was an assistant teacher in the Japanese class I took in university and he alone is the reason I am Japan – thanks Shun!!)
I am trying to be Japanese in a place where you can’t be Japanese & will always be a foreigner.It seems everyone in Japan just all is one person, blends into the same thing.

Do a lot but be remembered for one thing
End of note.

There you have it.

I went to Shibuya yesterday for drinks and dinner with Nanami and Mai. Nanami works in tv production and Mai is a secretary. Nanami had some love trouble, it was sort of sad to hear her troubles – “why doesnt he call me?” “I regret sleeping with him, no wait, I don’t…. wait, I do!”
Women, Japanese or western, are still from Venus. (Havent read the book)  I drank 3 gin& tonics – thanks Dave D!

As for me, I’m wonderfull like Willy Wonka sweetness.
Tonight I teach Yuri and Horiike. The gamer and the scientist respectively. Should get home, in my suit, at 10pm.
Salary man style.
What’s a salary man? find out here.

~ by frischfarms on November 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “Notes from Japan”

  1. Hello!
    Joy and prosperity to you!

  2. Thanks Vlad.
    Good luck with songwriting!

  3. wow ))
    its very reasonable point of view.
    Nice post.
    realy good post

    thank you 😉

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