Tokyo DesignWeek 2007


This is the logo for the 100% Design week I went to on Sunday.  Design week is the biggest event of the year in Tokyo.
On Sunday I went to Tokyo Design week. The 100% design event.
Containers of design, booths, students and independent designers gather to showcase and invoke thought in all the visitors.  Fun stuff.
Here is the website.
It was held in Gaien near Yoyogi National stadium.  I biked there from my house.  That was a neat bike ride because as I had mentioned that I wanted to get an ipod well I did so I was jammin all the way to the design event.  I bought the 2nd generation iPod nano from Sofmap on Saturday in Electric town of Akihabara. Read about Akihabara here.  The iPod is 2gb. More than enough space.  Itunes is cool too.   Now all I need it the macbook.  heheh.
In due time, I checked out and my current Toshiba Dynabook could fetch 56,000 yen if i sell it to sofmap.
Sofmap is the ultimate resource for used stuff in Japan. You think “used” is bad, well most used items in Japan are better than new items in Canada and the USA.  The Japanese are very meticulous with their electronic goods.  The iPod I bought was actually un-used, but still considered 2nd hand.  I dont like the size of the 3rd generation iPod nano, the click wheel is just too small.

So at the Design event on last night, Sunday from 7-9pm there was a house dj pumping out the hottest hits on a huge stage.  Tons of people, crowd was tight. Actually a team of 2 Japanese djs were rocking it.  They had a free wine tent and free croissants.   All I can say is i ate more than I drank.  Good boxed wine. lol.
Dinner with, Mami and Yoshimi,  me and my roommate met at the event, then home by 1am to get ready for work today.

Good luck Marnie with your next challenge!

~ by frischfarms on November 6, 2007.

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