Monday-Friday Tokyo, Japan

japanese cell phone tv screen shot w51CA

My AU w41CA cell phone or keitai was busted on Saturday Nov 3rd. I even had that crazy orange color! Didnt matter, I played it like John McClane in Die Hard 4 and played it analog for a couple days with no phone. Chilled out and went to design week on sunday as mentioned in my previous post.

Monday called into work and told them I had to check out the AU shop to get my phone working. Actually I was a little tired from dancing and the free wine on Sunday Nov 4th at the design event. Word from the AU shop in Yotsuya 四谷 near my work is that my phone is dead and the data cannot be retrieved. That sucks. Cant get the numbers out. A lot of girls are gonna be upset!


So I have been using an old loan phone from AU. The W41SA (seen here) is my current phone at least until today. The phone is harder to use and probably still better than phones in Canada or USA (excluding iphone). I want my orange phone back, but its not gonna happen.

I only taught on wednesday night this week so my evenings have been filled up with watching the end of season 1 of the 24 tv series and now I’ve started season 2. I’ve seen season 4-6 so gotta watch 2 and 3 now.
It does waste a lot of time as I should be preparing for the JLPT (Japanese language proficiency exam) on December 2nd – I will be taking level 2.

Wednesday night I went to Uniqlo in Sasazuka Station and bought an all navy blue jumpsuit for 1990Yen. Cheap. Its comfy at home.

Started listening to the audio tapes on my iPod of “The four hour work week” recommended by a friend Haroon whom is starting up Cognovision. Good for him! Very good stuff.

Now I have to figure out what new keitai I want. Do I really need tv on my phone? a 5mb camera on my phone? Tv on phones is free in Japan and is on 80% of new phones nowadays. Did I mention its digital tv?! no streaming media downloads, its all live! amazin!
Japan is awesome.


~ by frischfarms on November 9, 2007.

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