Club Womb, 5km Run, photos


Friday night, went to Club Womb in Shibuya.   It was house night and went with my roommate Jon and his friends he works with at Berlitz.
If you want to become a member you should register using your fingerprint.   A new and interesting way to check Interesting they had a way to register with your fingerprint.  It can save you 1000 yen next time you go to the club.
Here is a pic of the registeration card.  Neat.

Slept for 12 hours on Saturday night to wake up Sunday to pouring rain and scheduled to run a 10km race (2 laps) around the Imperial Palace.   One lap of the Imperial Palace is 5km.  I was sick and it was pouring rain so I just ran 1 lap.
Here is a pic of me after the race.   I ran the 5km in 25:08.  25 minutes 8 seconds.  Tired I was.

I have been updating my photos from Bangkok, Thailand.
Here is the set of Thai Motorbikes.  Very extensive photo gallery of the various types of motorbikes that can be seen in Bangkok, Thailand.
You wanna get a suit made in Bangkok, then go to and tell him I said hello.
Here are the photos of us getting suits made.

Life is going well, listening to my iPod, audio books, catching up on season 2 of 24.  Living and working in Tokyo.  It is very good!
It has been nearly 1 year since I started this blog.  I thought to make a list of things I have learned doing it, so I will start to think about it.
Some things I have bought in the past year:
Moved into a new home – now paying rent.
Bought a laptop – Toshiba Dynabook
Bought an iPod.
Travelled to Thailand, Minnesota, Kyoto, Toyama
Bought a Digital SLR Nikon D40.
Bought a custom suit and 3 custom dress shirts in Thailand.

All very cheap, I don’t spend much living in Tokyo – which is surprising – but the truth.

~ by frischfarms on November 12, 2007.

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