1st Year Anniversary, Inokashira Park, W53CA New Keitai

gab times 1 year
Here is a little graphic I just made. It is called “1 year”

November 14, 2007: the New Gabriel Times turned 1 year old. We made it through a year, learned a lot and have cleared over 11,000 visitors. Haven’t thought of expanding my blog to include ads, but if I increased frequency of my posts, it would be worth it. Something to think about.

Inokashira Park on the weekend. Here are some photos. Relaxing time on a Sunday to chill.

I got a new keitai w53CA, 5.1 mega pixel camera on this one. Amazing. keitai is Japanese for cell phone. Check out this review and pics. It is incredible. You can be jealous, cause my phone has a better camera than your camera. Best phone offered by AU right now. I got it for 8495yen.

On the weekend, we had a Thanksgiving party at my place with over 20 people in attendance. Fun times and we had real food too. There is a costco in Japan as well, so someone picked up some pumpkin pies! turkey, stuffing, gravy (veggie though) and yams, mashed potatoes. oishii means delicious!
You want to see some pics? then click here to see my flickr photo set.

Times are busy. Happy Birthday Isabella. 2 years now. Keep staying kawaii !!

Lots of side projects running now. I got a white board for idea generation and hung it in my room for daily inspiration.


~ by frischfarms on November 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “1st Year Anniversary, Inokashira Park, W53CA New Keitai”

  1. I tried to look at your Flickr, but I don’t have “permission” Why not remove this link, she said crossly.

  2. you have permission!

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