Photos Tokyo, Japan

Been studying a lot for the Japanese language proficiency exam on Dec. 2.
Learning new things especially grammar points.

Uploaded some new photos to Flickr.

2 new sets:
(Click on the links to see the sets)
Inside of a Japanese Taxi. Photos taken on Nov 25th.
Tsukiji Area (not the fish market) Photos taken on nov 26.

I have added captions to these sets to make it easier to understand where the photos are coming from.

This was my dinner on Thursday November 22, 2007.
This was my dinner on Friday November 23, 2007.
This was my view from the boat cruise (big party boat with tons of people) I took with my friend Tomoko whom studied in Oregon, but we met in Japan.  She had tons of friends “from Oregon” on the boat, so it was fun to meet them all while enjoying a ride on the boat and dancing.  It was 2500 yen.

I also took a stroll to Tokyo Midtown on the 23rd and took this photo of the Christmas lights (among others).

This was the view I had of sitting in the train in Tokyo late last week at night.  Guy 45+ playing video games, guy reading porn/manga out in the open, sleepers.
Is this what a train looks like in your area?
I slept 12 hours on Saturday november 24th.  9 to 9pm.  I was out at club Womb on Friday night.
So I got my iPod, so I need a macbook right?  Yes.   Im prepping my current Toshiba Dynabook AX/740LS to be resold back to Sofmap.  Then will be looking from for cheap macs. Of course I will go to Akiba for that. Akiba is short for Akibahara – electric town in eastern tokyo.


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