Tokyo: What more could you want?

Tokyo, Japan.
I never have the feeling that I should watch my wallet in my back pocket or guard my things on the train, or even walking late at night, the feeling of safety is there.  Tokyo, however big it may be, it is very very safe.
White people in Japan are treated very well.
Japans tax rate is only 5%.  Very low compared to other nations – excluding oregon. cry cry.

The food is awesome here (Michelin recently released some guides and gave tokyo more stars than any other city in the world), very healthy and everyone wants to enjoy real sushi – I can eat it everyday!  suckas!

Trains are very convenient, easy to get around, bikes are great fun and umbrella culture keeps you out of the rain (umbrella culture simply refers to the Japanese not being so self-conscious – like westerners – about using umbrellas)

Tokyo is vibrant and exciting.
T is for tradition
O is for outrageous and outstanding
K is for kindness of the people (or just lack of being rude)
Y is for youth culture
O is for one.  only one tokyo.

What did I do today?  I took some delicious photos and posted them online for you.
You can see them by clicking on:  GABRIEL IN TOKYO NOV 28, 2007

Its 2am. Getting ready for bed. Studied a bit tonight for the Japanese test that is on Sunday.

Talk soon


~ by frischfarms on November 29, 2007.

6 Responses to “Tokyo: What more could you want?”

  1. Tokyo is the best: Front pg news here that it is the culinary capital of the world. Your pictures are awesome of the city, food and stories are always interesting.

  2. Anonymous?
    thanks for the comment. Tokyo is waiting for you to visit, whomever you are. who?

  3. Oregon’s state income tax can range from 5.0 % to 9.0 % of one’s taxable income and the property tax on average is about $10 per $1,000 of real market value. Granted, Oregon doesn’t have a sales tax but I’d honestly prefer that to the higher property taxes. Either way, it sounds like you’re have a grand time in Japan. I’d love to see Japan someday. Good luck on your test!


    p.s.: I like your pics, esp. the one of you in the red tie. 🙂

  4. Well it was me that wrote the first comment. And yes someday I will be returning to visit you and beautiful Japan. Tokyo this time. Lv Mom

  5. u love tokyo, sometime i miss tokyo, yeah i can live tokyo but i love ur homecountry also. haha i am happy caz ur family like japan. it is awsome.

  6. u love tokyo, sometime i miss tokyo, yeah i can live tokyo but i love ur homecountry also. haha i am happy caz ur family like japan. it is awsome.

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